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Dues Notices

The dues notices were sent out in July, and we've gotten a lot of checks back.  Remember that the dues amount is $125 per year.  If you have an escrow account that automatically sends a check, you will need to contact your mortgage company to have this updated.  Please try to pay this promptly, to avoid the additional cost of reminder notices and the accompanying stamps.  Delinquent homeowners are advised to pay outstanding amounts immediately, as those with outstanding dues from prior years will have liens filed against their homes if they do not contact the HOA.  Any homeowners who are currently in a payment arrangement or have otherwise contacted the board are exempt from this.  The board wishes not to file liens, but several homeowners have not responded to several repeated notices regarding the dues, so this is the next step to maintain the fiscal well-being of WaNo.

Mailbox Replacement 

If you need a mailbox replaced, please use the Comments? tab to submit a request.  Thank you!

Keeping up Your Home

There have been a lot of questions recently on people maintaining their homes.  For most neighbors, their home is their biggest investment.  If you don't take care of that investment, you will lose value in that investment...and possibly so will your neighbors.  If you have a house in need of painting and/or minor maintenance, please consider taking care of it before it gets worse!  Thanks to the several households that we've seen recently painting (trying to anyway!) and putting up siding.  Each step we take to maintain our homes, lawns, and neighborhood keeps our property values up and makes it look so much better all around.


Neighborhood Reminders

1)  Trailers/RVs - Per the Declaration of Restrictions, anything but very short-term parking of boats, trailers and RVs is prohibited in the neighborhood.  Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep boats, trailers and RV's in your driveways for no more than 3 days at a time!

2)  Sheds - The board has received a lot of inquiries lately related to sheds and outbuildings.  Along with a Variance Form, the rules for these structures are as follows:

  1. They must be built on a concrete pad.
  2. They must be no more than 150 sq. ft.
  3. They must have a pitched or gabled roof (no flat roofs)
  4. They must have the same roofing shingles as the home.
  5. They must use the same siding and paint color as the home.
  6. They must meet Blue Springs city codes.

3)  Speed Limit 25 MPH - Remember that the speed limit throughout the neighborhood is 25 miles per hour.  Several small children live in the area, andunfortunately several adults speed through the neighborhood.  The police department is going to patrol again this year looking for speeders.  We have been advised by the BSPD to have people contact them regarding chronic speeders.  If you feel the need to speed, take that need to a non-residential street like 7 Highway.

4)  Pick up Your Dog's Poop - This has been a hot topic lately, as some lazy homeowners are not picking up after their dog.  Please pick up after your dog, as no one wants to step in a pile o' poo while the kids play in the yard or are mowing.

Take pride in your home and neighborhood!  If you have a catch basin that's full, clean it.  Pick up trash in your yard, across the street, and even along the way as you walk.  If you have a tree with low-hanging branches over a sidewalk, trim them up so people can walk under them.

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