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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the annual dues used for?

  • Maintenance of Common and Neighborhood Park Areas, including mowing & utilities.
  • Improvements to the neighborhood, including landscaping.
  • The annual picnic, ice cream social, Halloween and other events.
  • Upkeep and repair of the mailboxes and posts.
  • Maintaining the website.
  • A storage unit, unless we can get a volunteer to store approximately 60 sq feet of items.
  • Annual dues notices, reminder notices, newsletters and other mailings.
  • Other maintenance-related things, such as the 2011 hydrant painting project.

2.  How much are annual dues, when are they due, and are there any planned increases?

  • Annual dues are $125 and payable on 7/31 of each year.  The dues year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year.  (If you are buying or selling a house in Waterfield North, the dues are generally pro-rated based on these dates.)  A Dues Collection Policy is also posted to the Documents page on the website.  They should be mailed to the following address:

             Waterfield North Homes Association, PO Box 24241, Blue Springs, MO  64013

3.  When are board meetings, and am I invited?

  • Board meetings are held once a month, generally the second Wednesday of each month. We try to post a notice to the website and/or Facebook page ahead of time, but contact us ahead of time if you wish to attend.   An annual meeting is also held, generally in late spring. The Board members attend the monthly meetings but all residents are welcome to attend. (You are encouraged to call any of the Board members to inquire about the next meeting, as they are occasionally re-scheduled based on schedules)  These meetings deal with the ongoing workings of the neighborhood and projects approved in the annual meeting. All residents are urged to attend the annual meeting. This is the time we vote on the budget for the coming year. Information about the past year and the goals of the coming years is discussed.

4.  I want to modify the exterior of my home, should I contact the board?

  • Yes. The neighborhood has a requirement in its Declaration of Restrictions which every homeowner agrees to when purchasing their home.  A Variance Form, located in the Documents section of the website, must be completed and submitted to the Board for approval. Changes include but are not limited to fences, painting, building of sheds and additions/exterior renovations to existing homes Generally homes that are simply replacing an existing fence with a new one of the same structure can be exempted from approval, as well as exterior painting with the same color, but check with a Board member to be sure.

5.  Why do I have to get work and/or colors approved?

  • Approval from the Board ensures that a disinterested group of your fellow homeowners will make a judgement that your plans are in 'harmony' with the neighborhood and surrounding homes.  We appreciate the fact that we have many unique homes and are not a cookie cutter neighborhood, but we still want to prevent the bright pink and rainbow houses.
6.  I have a question / concern about the neighborhood, whom should I contact?
  • Feel free to contact any board member, via the Contact Us Tab at the top of the page, or by using the Comments section on the same page.  This includes any violations of restrictions that should be addressed.

7.  What does the HOA have the power to do?

  • The Board members are your neighbors, who have volunteered to represent your block, corner or area to make sure suggestions are heard, and that information is passed on.  We won't knock on your door because your garage door has been up for too long, or call the police because the neighbor's kids step on someone's lawn.  What we will do is help keep the neighborhood nice by making sure people abide by the guidelines that Waterfield North was originally built upon.  We ask for submissions of paint colors, shed construction, and the like, and request that chain link fencing isn't used.  A Board was established to review expenditures and make sure the HOA itself remains solvent.  At the worst, the HOA does have the power to assess a lien for non-payment of dues, which this last year was filed against several homes that were 2 years or more delinquent.  This is a last ditch effort that no one enjoys doing, especially to a neighbor.  Board members are also the ones you see in the water installing the fountain in the Spring, and removing it in the Autumn, installing new mailboxes, painting mail & street posts, and picking up in the neighborhood.  Keeping the neighborhood nice is what keeps our home values stable, our neighborhood safer, and fun to live in.

8.  Does Waterfield North recycle?

  • The HOA does not provide recycling facilities, but we do want to see everyone recycle.  Envirostar Waste Services also has a recycling program that you can add on as an option to their regular trash service.

9.  I need to rent out my home, what can I expect from the HOA?

  • The HOA does not restrict the rental of homes in the neighborhood, but we do expect tenants to respect the same restrictions outlined for any other homeowner.  We also expect other municipal codes to be adhered to as well.  Please be sure to provide each new tenant a copy of the Rental Guidelines (as found on the 'Documents' tab) and be sure that they understand the restrictions of the neighborhood.  Rental properties are many times frowned upon in general because the upkeep of the home and yard is not done.  Yards can tend to collect weeds and trash, and homes tend to lag on routine maintenance such as painting.  Please be very considerate of your owner-occupant neighbors when renting your home to others.

10.  I live on the border of the neighborhood, do I need to mow beyond my fence?

  • Yes.  The land between your fence and the road (both Owens School Road and Roanoke) is a utility easement which is considered each individual homeowner's land, and thus each homeowner is responsible for upkeep, including the mowing.  The same HOA rule and city code applies, where the grass is not allowed to exceed 8 inches in height.  We also request that trees be trimmed up to not cause a hazard to pedestrians on the sidewalk along Roanoke, and that homeowners also consider trimming the grass at the sidewalk on occasion in order to keep a maintained appearance.  In the autumn season, the leaves should be cleaned up as well, wet leaves on a sidewalk can be a liability issue if not taken care of.

11.  What are our assets, and what is their condition?

  • We have several acres of green space spread across 5 separate land areas, including multiple signs and landscaping, that the HOA maintains. With these areas, an umbrella liability policy covers the unlikely event of injury and helps insure the fiscal well-being of the Association. 

Special Note:  As we are a planned storm water runoff control community, we must maintain the waterways that help direct run-off and avoid flooding in ours and neighboring areas. The pond at Springbrook and Adams Dairy Road, the retention area in the far northwest corner of the neighborhood with the controlled release lock, and the spillway/creek just west of the first block of Adams Dairy Road are all major parts of this storm water run-off control. We must maintain these, and deal with issues such as erosion problems every year. We have 2 spotlights that were replaced in 2009 that are in good condition. We have 3 signs with 2 in good condition and 1 likely needing minor attention (board replacement) sometime in the near future. We have 1 fountain system built by Otterbine that received a major overhaul in the spring of 2011, and its useful life likely nearing an end. Our plan is to keep it in use and maintain it until it no longer is operable, in which case a reserve amount will need to be used in order to purchase a new fountain. The HOA also maintains all signposts, mailbox posts, and mailboxes in the neighborhood.



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